We went with the tour route that included a stop in Lake Bled for a while, that way we could see more of the countryside. The agency we booked thru was Nature Adventures. You can also take the bus to Bled and walk over to the lake. I highly suggest hiking up to one of the overlooks to get a better view of the lake, castle, and island. Plus, watching the boats go back and forth is relaxing. 


Bled Island sits right in the middle of Lake Bled. The Church of the Assumption built at the end of the 17th century. You can take a taditional row boat called Pletna's to the island. 

They say the only great cream cake is Bled Cream Cake. Cream Cakes are known to Bled for decades. The hotel Park Patisserie sells these amazing cakes in the café opposite the hotel. You cannot journey all the way to Bled and not stop to have a piece. 

Bled Castle -

It's the oldest in all of Slovenia, it was mentioned in a 1011 donation deed. If you want a great view of Lake Bled, this is your stop. The castle also houses a museum worth a visit. 


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